Stratified Random Sampling vs. Quota Sampling
Updated: 6/22/2020
Stratified Random Sampling vs. Quota Sampling
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  • Let me teach you about stratified random sampling with your favorite fruit!
  • Of these selection of fruits, we we will randomly select 5 apples. We will hope to take out 4 red apples and 1 green apple.
  • We ended up with 3 red apples and 2 green apples because we had to randomly select them. We had to make two categories for apples because there were two different types of apples.
  • Now I am going to teach you about quota sampling using your favorite candy!
  • You visit a candy shop that only sell candy canes. You see they have 10 items on display ask 5 pieces of candy.
  • Since you visited a store that only sells candy canes you knew what you were going to receive.
  • You ended up with the five candy canes you wanted!
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