The Abandoned house
Updated: 1/25/2020
The Abandoned house
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  • Diane's Nightmare
  • I'm scared Zoey
  • Zoey and I walked in our neighborhood to find thecat we saw while we were playing volleyball. Then we saw a creepy big house
  • Lets go inside Dian
  • First Day of Summer
  • I don't want to remember that dream anymore
  • One month later...
  • Yey! We are finally here!!
  • When I entered the house, I called Zoey but she didn't respond. Then I noticed a lot of doors and one caught my attention that has "Do not open" sign which was written in someone blood when I opened the door I screamed when I saw a lady stabbing a man.
  • Next Morning...
  • We decided to go fishing but on our way we saw a big house. Zoey wanted to go inside but I refused at first then she begged me. When we got inside I feel like I saw this house but I don't know where. I was looking for Zoey when I noticed a creepy door that has "Do not open" and it was WRITTEN in someone's BLOOD
  • I woke up with a heavy sweat formed in my forehead and I realized that I had a nightmare. Then Zoey entered my room and told me that we were gonna have a family outing next month.
  • Inside the Room..
  • After a long drive we finally arrived to a small Airbnb. We didn't do much on the first day we just stayed inside the Airbnb and had a movie night together.
  • The Abandoned House
  • Zoey and I heard a man shouting "Help" and a lady shouting a "You killed our daughter". We opened the door but we found no one then Zoey screamed...
  • Do Not Open
  • Then Zoey screamed when she saw a knife and a blood on the floor. We were scared and unable to move then the door opened and our parents were there. They asked what happened but we just hugged them then we went back home...
  • Then night came we found out that one family had lived there. They were happy at first but things get changed when the husband killed the baby thinking that the baby was not his. Then the wife got revenge so she stabbed her husband.
  • The abandoned house symbolizes the unhappy family
  • To bring truehappiness within the family, each should trust each other and not to jump conclusions without solid evidence.
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