Janis' Interview
Updated: 9/9/2020
Janis' Interview

Storyboard Text

  • Hi everyone, This is Jane, your journalist, I'm in the Janis Joplin's house, and we are going to do a house tour. I'm not going to drop the ball so... Let's do it!
  • Thanks for receiving us in your home Janis! You're house is enormous, you put on the dog!
  • Oh, that sounds great! with double sugar, please. I have a sweet tooth!
  • Ohh, common. You're welcome! Would you like a cup of tee with a cake?
  • So, Jani tell us about you success because many people think that that was a piece of cake.
  • In fact, several artists have a life as poor as a church mouse. Even, some of then leave music, then they are tired of this rat race...
  • I like composing when it's raining! You know when it rains cats and dogs.
  • Well, that kind of comments makes my blood boil, because that's false. People think music is a cash cow but actually that a tender lie!
  • This is my favorite room, sometimes I'm as quiet as a mouse and here I feel like a alone wolf.
  • I'll stop reading until the cows come home! Easy.
  • The majority thinks that singers are thick in the head. However, that's completely false.
  • Because singing is my bread and my butter.
  • If you like reading, why do you decide to be a singer?
  • Hey , it's raining!