An abandoned dog

Updated: 6/15/2020
An abandoned dog

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  • The teenager finds an abandoned dog. He wants to adopt the dog, but must talk to his family.
  • What happened to you friend?
  • How small, who left you here?
  • At home Harry talks to his sister Emma about the dog he found, ask him for help convincing his parents.
  • Those prejudices have to end
  • I can't help you
  • You know that our parents don't like non-breed dogs 
  • Later the conversation rises in tone, because the sister tells him that is a street dog. 
  • What does a stray dog have?
  • So I don't count on your help
  • You just have to give them love and food.
  • In addition, it isn't known what tricks they have
  • It's hard to raise them 
  • Harry talks to his parents but they don't give in.
  • What breed is it?
  • Mom, Dad I want to adopt a dog
  • It has not race
  • We have already discussed
  • What?!
  • The next day Harry goes to see dog, but he wasn't here. Despite having spoken to his parents and telling them that the dog is cold, hungry. They didn't give him an answer.
  • I'm so angry! I hate my parents thoughts
  • Harry was very happy with the change of his mom and his new friend.
  • Mom you picked it up
  • What did I say?
  • I'm happy
  • Son, what you said maid a lot of sense to me 
  • That the dog has cold and hungry in the street