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Updated: 2/24/2019
English story board
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  • Jax is getting ready to go and see the dentist. "Jax are you ready to go" questioned Jax's mum. "Almost mum just need to change my clothes" replied Jax.
  • Jax is starting to get butterflies in his stomach because he has never been to the dentist before. "Mum can we go home I don't feel so good" trembled Jax. " Don't worry Jax the dentist is a very kind person" Jax's mum replied calmly.
  • Jax and his mum arrival at the dentist and Jax still couldn't stop worrying. They waited quite a while and just went Jax started to calm down the dentist and called them in, once again Jax was trembling. 
  • Jax processed into in the dental room but Jax's mum wasn't allowed in which frighten him even more. "So your name is Jax, hello Jax I'm Dr. Sanjay and I will be doing a quick test on your teeth" explained Dr. Sanjay. Jax couldn't say a single word expect for screaming at the top of his lungs.
  • Dr. Sanjay was in fact a murderer disguised as dentist, he pulled out a gun at pointed it at Jax's head and all Jax could do was cry and cry until his eyes dried out. " Stop crying or I will pull the trigger on your face" threaten Dr. Sanjay.
  • But lucky for Jax his mum was listening the whole time and called the police straight away. "Hello please come to Dr. Sanjay's dentist care, my son is being held captive by Dr. Sanjay, COME QUICK PLEASE" shouted Jax's mum.
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