The Giver
Updated: 1/14/2020
The Giver
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This scene is where Jonas's father kills the twin that weighs less. Jonas's father does not know he is killing the child, but instead thinks he is sending him to a different community and doesn't know any better. This scene is important in the book, because it shows us what being released really means.

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  • I'm sorry Jonas...
  • Jonas doesn't take his pill to see what will happen. In this scene, Jonas is going to throw away his pill, because he decided to stop taking it. This is a significant scene because it shows that Jonas is finally going to start having feelings. Jonas starts feeling emotions towards the memories. Jonas gets sad when he learns about warfare. Overall its better to have feelings then not have them at all.
  • Jonas's father is releasing a baby, not knowing what it means to be released, and has no intentions to kill the baby.. In this scene, Jonas's dad takes the lighter baby and kills it. This is a significant because it shows us what being released means. Jonas's father releases the baby by giving it a shot in the vein on its forehead. This scene shows us how much control the elders really have over the community.
  • The Giver is giving Jonas a memory about warfare. In this scene, the Giver is in pain so Jonas tells him to give him the painful memory. This is a significant scene because its when Jonas finally receives a truly awful memory of the old world. The Giver is relieved of the pain after the memory and tries to calm Jonas. Jonas never wants to come back after this, and it shows us how much pain everybody really has experienced. This scene makes Jonas question his job.
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