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Wife of Bath Story
Updated: 2/22/2019
Wife of Bath Story
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  • “He saw a maiden walking through the corn,/ from whom, in spite of all she did and said,/ Straightway by force he took her maidenhead."
  • Oh I'm going to rape you! Haha!
  • No please don't, show some honor!
  • I have a second chance, but now I must go and search for the one true answer. This is going to be tough.
  • “I’ll grant you life if you can tell me/ What thing it is that women most desire./ Be wise,/ and keep your neck from iron dire… A twelvemonth and a day, to search and learn/ Sufficient answer in this grave concern.”
  • “Some said that women all loved best riches,/Some said, fair fame, and some said, prettiness;/Some, rich array, some said ‘twas lust abed/And often to be widowed and re-wed”
  • Beauty!
  • What is it that women most desire?
  • Money!
  • To marry over and over again!
  • Fame!
  • During the rule of King Arthur, knights rode throughout the country. One of the knights is returning home, and passes by a corn field by a river, and sees a maiden. The knight decides to rape the maiden, in violation of King Arthur's rules.
  • “here have my word, That thing I grant.”
  • “Plight me your troth here, hand in hand.../And I’ll give you your answer ere the night...”
  • The knight is sentenced to death by King Arthur's court, but the Queen intervenes and decides to spare his life, on the contingency that he can answer one question.
  • What women want most is control over their husbands.
  • My life might be spared but I still have to spend the rest of my life with that ugly old lady...
  •'re right. You are saved.
  • The knight sets forth on his journey to answer the Queen's question, but he gets a different answer from every woman he meets.
  • Either be with me and have a faithful wife, or some younger woman who will cheat on you.
  • Okay, you decide for me.
  • The knight ventures home, sad and defeated. On the way back, he encounters a group of women. As he approaches, they all disappear except for one old, loathly lady. She tells the knight she has the real answer, but will only tell him if he marries her. The knight reluctantly agrees.
  • The knight returns to King Arthur’s court, where he delivers his findings. He tells the queen that women all want to have control over their mates. The Queen and her maidens agree with the answer that the knight gives, and his life is spared. His celebrations are cut short, as he realizes that he must know marry the loathly lady.
  • This knight did not stand dumb, as does a beast,/But to this question presently answered/With manly voice, so that the whole court heard"
  • The knight hates his arrangement, and the old hag asks why. He informs her, and insults her directly. The loathly lady then gives him an ultimatum: be with her who will always be faithful, or be with a young woman who will likely cheat. The knight responds with asking her to make his decision for him, and thus the loathly lady has attained what she truly wants, to have control over her mate. She transforms into a beautiful young woman, and the two live happily ever after.
  • "there was no joy or feat at all;/There was but heaviness and grievous sorrow;/For privately he wedded on the morrow,/And all day, then, he hid him like an owl;/So sad he was, his old wife looked so foul."
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