Space scene HASS
Updated: 2/17/2020
Space scene HASS

Storyboard Text

  • This is a nice space. Im at the aquarium and I parked my car in the aquarium car park. I walked into the aquarium from the pathway and I walked inside and through the hallway whilst looking at fish tanks on my right and left side. Space is the way things are organised for our convenience by architects.
  • Space
  • Place
  • This is one of my most favourite places. I rode here on my bike with my friends, we locked our bikes at the bike rack. I walked along the pathway in to the court. When I stepped on the court on every step there was a squeaky sound and whenever I shot a ball in the hoop it made a swish sound. Me and my friends got a lot of exercise. Place is somewhere where it has meaning for people
  • This is my bedroom all of it is man made other than the floor which is made of timber, the cupboard is made of oak wood, the blanket is made of cotton and the curtains are made of silk. My bedroom is a human environment
  • Environment
  • Interconnection is the way the natural and human world is connected. Example the water cycle connects to the water of Earth, the air ,the clouds and the rain
  • Interconnection
  • This is a reef. The rocks are very smooth because of the water and heat. This is called erosion , erosion is part of change as years ago these rocks used to have sharp edges and a rough surface. Change is when something changes overtime
  • Change
  • Sustainability and Scale
  • Sustainability can be achieved by being smart about what you use at home, such as: less showers, aware of lighting and being aware of what power outlets you turn on. Scale is at home, state scale, in a whole state, federal scale which is across a country and world scale which is the whole world.