The 6 blind men and the Elephant
Updated: 4/29/2020
The 6 blind men and the Elephant

Storyboard Description

6 blind men touch a different part of the elephant thinking the elephant is like something else.

Storyboard Text

  • Spear!
  • Wall!
  • Snake!
  • Tree!
  • Once, there were six blind men who had different opinion's of what an elephant looked like. So they went to a sanctuary to touch one.
  • A fan!
  • Rope?
  • The first man felt the body and said it felt strong and sturdy like a wall.The second man felt the tusk and thought it felt like a spear.
  • The third man felt the trunk and declared it felt like a giant snake.The fourth man felt the leg, he concluded it felt like a tree.
  • Different part of elephant….
  • The fifth man touched the flappy ear, he said it felt like a fan.The sixth man touched the tail and thought it felt like rope.
  • They decided to rest before travelling back home so they talked about the elephant. But it quickly went from conversation, to argument over what the elephant felt like.
  • A passer by heard the racket and went to find out the problem. He explained to them each of them was partly correct and also incorrect. Each of them was touching a different part of the animal. Once they put the parts together, it formed the elephant.