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Updated: 5/8/2020
Unknown Story

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  • I guess you are here from Antivirus team to support with System Debugging
  • These machines that we got for WFH are really slow. Code build took 3 hours yesterday. Usually it takes only 20 minutes
  • Gurrr! GIT command execution also took 30 mins today !It usually takes a few seconds.
  • Sunny, Let's try to debug the slowness issue. Network Latency cant be an issue as code build on machine is also taking excessive time
  • Paromita
  • Yes, Paromita. I was analyzing task manager and it seems bitlocker and antivirus are having high CPU utilization.
  • Hey Paromita, Let's install the Antivirus patch, which was shared by Antivirus team.
  • Sunny
  • Hi Boss, Sunny and I have done some troubleshooting for system slowness and it seems to be an Antivirus issue.
  • Okay !! Let me try to arrange for Antivirus team to work with you guys.
  • Yes, Paromita, I am revoking few scans from your machine.Sunny, Let's run a profiler on your machine to capture the trace.
  • Antivirus Support Team
  • Hurrahhh!! It seems the slowness issue has been resolved after installing the patch.
  • Finally the slowness issue has been resolvedThis issue was haunting us for past 5 weeksNow we can take a sigh of relief. Thanks to Sunny and Paromita!!For their investigating skills and not leaving the issue without getting to resolution.