Updated: 6/2/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Mingles some music quietly..
  • Oh my God! I love reading this book !!
  • I am so sorry Mam
  • Can you stop making noises while I am reading ?!?!? Huh, anyways you are black get out of the bus
  • Hey don't say sorry, you are not the wrong one.
  • I don't need your big lecture ! You will be sorry for this one day !
  • Hey you didn't have to be so mean towards her, you should not discriminate her based on her color. And you should tolerate things where ever you go. If you can't concentrate by reading a book then, don't bring it. So you shouldn't have done that ! 
  • I am really sorry about what happened in the bus ! She will learn a lesson one day Can we be friends ?
  • Its not your fault anyway, and yeah of course I would like be your friend !!!
  • Do you want to come to my house and eat ?
  • Ya suree, I am very hungry !
  • So friends this is how some people in the society might act! But you shouldn't ! So be tolerant and do not discriminate others based on their color religion and etc.