A cannibalist society
Updated: 1/7/2020
A cannibalist society
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  • The year 3045
  • A cure
  • The best of all possible world
  • In the year 3045, people getting older faster notably beacuase they have a chip inplanted which has a defected effect in their head, accelerate the growth. Maria Martinez, the only people with intellectual capacity, given that she is the president of ethnocentricia, have perhaps discovered a solution for this problem...
  • A new law
  • This woman spread in the head of the population the idea of eat a peace of their skin provide eternal youth and with a maintenance of this practice they can maybe will be immortal.
  • The chaos
  • The sun shine on ethnocentricia, the citizens are manipulated by chips so they didn't find inconvenients with this practice so they begin to eat their peaces of skin. This technic turn out to be a advance, the population rajuvenated more and more, and was always focus on the physical beauty, evething was very well...
  • Moral
  • One day, every citizen have been received a letter putting forward a new law, quoting : Law-1048 : eating their skin at the end of rajuvenate can incur the death penalty.
  • After 24 hours, citizens having become dependent on the flesh begenning to kill each other for continued to access to their desires. Maria Martinez wanted reprogrammed the chips ( she predicted what was going to happen ) but it was so late because the chips contained a loophole : as soon as pramary instinct trumps reason, chip will self deactivate. The cannibalism thus took place on ethnocentricia...
  • Finally, the population must use their intellectual capacity for do not manipulated and do not focus strictly on materialistic aspects of life, at least do not fall in hubris.
  • j,j END nn
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