The Magic Chili Potion
Updated: 7/9/2020
The Magic Chili Potion
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  • Max the dragon was feeling sad. He wasn't a typical dragon. He couldn't fly or even breathe fire! All of the other animals in the circus were faster than he was.
  • Meanwhile, an elf named Ron had just finished making a potion that changes anyone who drinks it into a cheetah for a day.
  • A parrot from the circus was flying around a spooky forest. He had gotten hungry and was looking for food when he spotted a cave. He saw Ron inside with the potion. "I finished my magic potion!" Ron exclaimed. "I can't wait to see who drinks this and turns into a cheetah." The parrot flew back to the circus to tell everyone.
  • The parrot called his friends to come gather outside the main tent.
  • "Hey, everybody! I found an elf in a cave, who has made a magic potion that turns anyone into a cheetah."
  • Hey Patrick, can you please take me to that cave? I really want that potion!
  • Sure!
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