Roman Beginnings
Updated: 7/26/2020
Roman Beginnings
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  • Rhea, Romulus and Remus' mother, has been forced to become a vestal virgin by the King, Numitor. Numitor is livid and throws her twins into a basket into the river.
  • Luckily, they are found by a wolf who cares for them for a while.
  • They are found by a shepherd and his wife and are brought up by them and becom strong leaders.
  • Romulus and Remus want to establish a country but they can't decide on a location and begin fighting. Romulus kills Remus and names his nation, Rome.
  • Rome's empire grows quickly as Romulus allows anyone to join and criminals fill their numbers and help them defeat neighbouring countries.
  • Romulus builds a dictatorship and eventually dies under suspicious circumstances and appears from the heavens.
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