StoryBoard Assignment

Updated: 9/17/2021
StoryBoard Assignment

Storyboard Text

  • Tobi the turtle jumps out of his feeding tank onto the desk without supervision.
  • I'm in the kitchen trying to make food while my turtles eat and yell out to my brother:
  • Hey! Can You check the turtles for me please I heard something sus in our room.
  • Brother: Alrighty.
  • Tobi falls off the desk and onto the bed and accidentally flips over, but flips back up.
  • Uhh the turtle got out of its tank and is now on your bed.
  • It'll be fine it has a shell and it won't run off.
  • Get the turtle before it falls!!
  • *Tobi Falls off the bed*
  • Nooo his shell got chipped!
  • Sorry! I didn't think it would actually get hurt!
  • *Tobi was fine, it was the tinest chip ever*