Newtons Laws of Physics - Diederik Nelissen
Updated: 5/28/2020
Newtons Laws of Physics - Diederik Nelissen
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  • Dude! I'm SO screwed for the upcoming test!!! I don't even know what the different laws are!
  • The First Law of Newton is Inertia. Inertia is when an object moves, it will move forever unless stopped by another motion. Same goes for when an object is at rest.
  • Yeah, me too! I don't really know what the laws mean either!
  • Sorry mr. Johnnson!
  • You two haven't studied huh? That's not smart.
  • The Third Law of Newton is Action and Reaction. Action and Reaction is that for every action that is done, there is an equal and opposite reaction that occurs.
  • Well it's your lucky day! I will tell you the three laws of Newton
  • That is correct!
  • So an example would be when you kick a soccerball, the ball will keep moving unless it is stopped by the ground or by an object.
  • That is correct!
  • So an example would be when both objects will have the net force but won't move the same distance because the difference in mass they have.
  • Force is directly proportional to the net force and indirectly proportional to the mass of the object. It’s written as F=MxA.
  • So an example would be when you throw a ball, then you would throw the ball with action, then the ball will go the same distance in the air. This would depend on how much action you put in the ball, the more action, the further it will go.
  • Thank you SO much, Mr. Johnnson!We will do our best on the test!
  • That is also correct!
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