The girl

Updated: 10/28/2020
The girl

Storyboard Text

  • Sorry, are you lost?
  • Ugh come here. Do you know anything about hospital?
  • Um, I'm not exactly lost. I er-
  • Wait a minute. Are you the girl that these children have been talking about in my house?
  • Um yeah of course
  • Mum I wish I could come home
  • Ahh you have a high temperature and I do wish you could come home
  • Give him some water to drink and let him rest for 30 minutes
  • Yes, er- ma'am
  • I'll be waiting out here!
  • Go on kiddos. Get the friend you need!
  • Hello how can I hel-
  • Look, ma'am you must know this person Florence Walton?
  • Yes, she is in Room 24
  • Thanks, BYE!
  • Come on, hurry up
  • Harron Golting HospitalIn Memory of Harron Golting
  • What on earth is she doing in a hospital?
  • Coming through
  • Leave now or the constables to come and collect you
  • Where are you pests coming from?
  • We're foundlings coming to recue our friend
  • No, never
  • To be continued...