Jake's Cyberbullying Part 1
Updated: 5/4/2020
Jake's  Cyberbullying Part 1

Storyboard Text

  • Nice work Daniel!
  • We have a new Captain boys.
  • Daniel is such a show off. I'm better than him.
  • Daniel is a great basketball player and has really improved over the last few weeks. He has scored 23 points for his team this game, helping them win the semi final with 3-pointer in the final seconds.
  • Coach is so delighted with Daniel's training effort and today's performance, that he nominates him to be captain for the final next week. Zak is NOT happy!
  • Nobody Likes You!
  • You really suck!
  • Most of the team are just happy they won and are through to the finals, but Zak is sulking as he wanted to be captain. He despises Daniel and starts plotting his revenge.
  • I'm gonna make Daniel quit the team.
  • Daniel is asleep that night when his phone starts buzzing constantly. Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! He sees he has 32 new notifications on Snapchat from people he has never heard of.
  • The messages insult him and tell him to quit the basketball team or there will be consequences. He wonders who these people are and why they are hating on him so much when he hasn't done anything wrong.
  • You are such a suck up!
  • Zak made loads of fake accounts to troll Jake to make him quit the team. He also decided he would make a fake account using Jake's photo and name. He used it to insult Coach Calhoun.