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reading and writing 4
Updated: 2/22/2019
reading and writing 4
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  • "Being what you want to be would be challenging as well as difficult in life. You need to have strong will of determination and confidence to achieve your dream, that was what 'he' said to me when I was a child and I remember it very clearly. With his strong words in my mind,it became my opportunity to live who I am right now. Although some people doesn't accept me for who I am I still think of things that inspires and make me strong, for instance, my family, my self and even my best friend whose always been there for me through my darkest sides. I never thought I would be a successful and at the same time a popular journalist that a lot of people looks up to me and be admired from their own perspective."
  • With a smile plastered on his face, Mr. Joe quickly reads the news article
  • After reading the article, stream of tears started to flows down to his cheeks making its way to the newspaper
  • I am so proud of you, Spyke.You finally made your biggest dream come true...
  • ... to be a successful writer in Bayani Print. I promise to you and to myself that I'll read each of your work for the rest of my life.
  • As he wiped his tears, Mr. Joe felt joyful for his friend's accomplishments as he completely agree with the written article of Mr. Spyke
  • "A person shouldn't just give up on chasing their dreams even how hard it are for them. Don't mind the things that is hindering you, go,stand up, look up straight ahead and continue to chase your goals in life."
  • You are right Spyke. I agree with you
  • Fluency - Mr. Joe has the ability to read every word in the article smoothly. He didn't encounter any difficulties in pronouncing the words moreover he able was to read it effortlessly and efficiently with appropriate speed.
  • Motivated to read and learn - Because of the inspiring words as well as the strong bond he has with his dearest friend, it became Mr. Joe's motivation to read more articles and to broaden his mind with new useful, good knowledge.
  • Accuracy - Mr. Joe has the ability to understand the text that he reads without making any further delays or mistakes.
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