Attack pt.2
Updated: 3/13/2020
Attack pt.2

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  • We should show syria who's boss. Even though we've been doing that.
  • What about Russia?We shouldn't attack Syria because they're allied with Russia.
  • Turkish Soldiers Killed In A Syrian Air Attack
  • The rebels should be fine by themselves right?
  • Violence in northwestern Syria has been a humanitarian crisis for months now, with a million Syrians huddling in camps near the Turkish border as they flee a Syrian and Russian offensive into rebel territory. Well, now a conflict there between Turkey, Russian and Syrian forces could be spiraling dramatically.
  • Huh
  • Turkey, which supports the rebels, says at least 33 of its soldiers were killed in a Syrian airstrike that instantly doubled the number of Turkish casualties in February. Turkey says it's killed many Syrian forces and will now step up its attacks.
  • So who's going to pay for the food.
  • Important Meeting
  • No they wouldn't. Thats why we supported them.
  • Important meeting
  • End of Nato Meeting