Science Superpower Project
Updated: 3/15/2021
Science Superpower Project

Storyboard Text

  • The bank candy is the best *laughs*
  • I wish I could go the bank everyday!
  • Only you mimi *laughs*
  • The Hermendezs' would talk to the bank consultant while Mia would talk to the security gaurd in the front.
  • Oh really, tell more!
  • And the other mom's bank code is 4953! That's how old she is and how old her sister's
  • The Hermendezs' had no idea that Mia had Hyperthymesia. A rare genetic mutatiton that allows her to remember past things in entire detail..
  • Ok hon, just don't go telling people!
  • The Hermendez's left, not knowing Mia told the security gaurd everyone's code at the bank, except theirs.
  • The Hermendezs' were heading to their regualr saturday trip to the bank .
  • Dad you shoud change your bank code 1254 is too easy.
  • I've been telling him to change *laughs*
  • Later That Evening...
  • MIA!
  • Security Guard:Crim Minal jailed for stealing $$$ from bank account's
  • Uh ohhhh.......