Updated: 2/27/2020

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  • using prefixes is a must! prefixes wll be used before the first element and before the second based on the sub scripts
  • hello im mrs. Tinio and today we are going to learn about covalent bonds.
  • how to name
  • Example:
  • there are three types of covalent bonds single bonds, double bonds and triple bonds.
  • a covalent bond happens between non medals and medals
  • H2
  • single bonds = 2 electrons being shared
  • triple bond = 6 electrons are being shared
  • double bonds= 4 electrons are being shared
  • How many electrons are being shared
  • when it comes to naming covalent bonds always add "ide" to the last word
  • hydrogen adds the prefix of Di in front of hydrogen di meaning 2
  • your final answer would be Dihydrogen Tetrachloride
  • note you cannot have the prefix mono- for you first word!
  • O4
  • look a subscript of oxygen and it would be tetra- because of the 4 and since its the last element add "ide" to the end
  • yay now you know what a covalent bond is!
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