Abolition of Slavery
Updated: 2/23/2021
Abolition of Slavery

Storyboard Text

  • Frederick Douglas
  • Underground Railroad
  • Slavery being fully abolished
  • Frederick was a very smart and intelligent man. He learned how to write and speak in English so he could escape Slavery. He ended up writing himself a note to transport on a train which the train instructor believed. this led to his freedom and help for all the other slaves.
  • During the underground railroad many of the slaves who were escaping slept in houses like this. This was the White males and females who wanted to abolish slavery houses. They kept a light or lamp on outside to show that is was a house that welcomes slaves to sleep.
  • Slavery was abolished on January 31, 1865 which said slavery will not be tolerated nor punishment of slavery for a crime. So this was a huge part of slavery being abolished. Last the slaves and African americans later earned their basic human rights and were treated as equal as white men