The Great Gatsby Storyboard
Updated: 6/6/2020
The Great Gatsby Storyboard
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  • Nick Carraway learns that him being personally invited by Jay Gatsby was strange. He learns that among many people who attend Jay Gatsby's parties, he was one of the “few guests who had actually been invited” as most of the attendees "were not invited" and simply just "went there" (Fitzgerald 45). In the midst of the party Nick comes across a man who he disregards as one of Gatsby’s guests; however, he quickly learns that the man that he is talking to is Gatsby himself.
  • Nick Attends Gatsby's Party
  • Nick Meets Meyer Wolfsheim
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  • Gatsby arrives at Nick’s house to invite him to lunch, in which Nick accepts. While arriving at lunch Gatsby introduces Nick to a man named Meyer Wolfsheim, who Nick then learns is a dangerous man as Wolfsheim is a “gambler” who is claimed to have “fixed the World’s Series” during 1919 (Fitzgerald 79).Along with this Nick also learns that Wolfsheim had known Gatsby for “several years,” and how both of them are very close with each other (Fitzgerald 78).
  • Gatsby Reunites with Daisy After Many Years
  • Nick plans to “call up Daisy” and to “invite her over” to have afternoon tea with Gatsby as well (Fitzgerald 88). This moment is crucial for Gatsby, as it would be the first time Gatsby meets with Daisy, his long lost love, ever since he left for war in 1917. At first Gatsby is embarrassed and anxious, believing that the meetup “is a terrible mistake,” however, due to word’s of encouragement from Nick Gatsby became more confident and as a result got closer with Daisy (Fitzgerald 94).
  • Ever since Gatsby and Daisy have been seeing each other, Tom has been aware of the fact that it could be possible that she was having an affair. Because of this Tom aggressively questions Gatsby during a gathering at a suite with Nick, Daisy, and Jordan there as well, eventually accusing him of “[making] love to his wife” (Fitzgerald 138). Gatsby is enraged at Tom, and the two get into a verbal argument with Gatsby claiming that Daisy “never loved [Tom]” as she only “loves [Gatsby]” (Fitzgerald 139).
  • Gatsby and Tom Get Into an Argument
  • In response to the murder of his wife Myrtle, George is filled with grief and anger and plans to kill Gatsby in his own home because Tom “told him the truth” in who he thought was driving the car (Fitzgerald 190). George made his way from “Port Roosevelt and then to Gad’s Hill,” then headed to West Egg, and eventually headed to Gatsby’s house (Fitzgerald 171). George walks through Gatsby’s front door and finds Gatsby on his inflatable mattress on his pool, where he then proceeds to kill Gatsby then eventually himself “a little way off in the grass” in Gatsby’s yard (Fitzgerald 172-173).
  • George Wilson Kills Jay Gatsby
  • .
  • After the death of Gatsby came his funeral, in which barely anyone attended despite his popularity and fame. Nick attempts to invite Meyer Wolfhsheim, but Wolfsheim replies that he isn’t able to attend due to him being “tied up in some very important business” and because he doesn’t want to “get mixed up” in his death (Fitzgerald 177, 183). During the funeral Nick and Gatsby’s father Henry C. Gatz waited “half an hour” for any potential guests, but “it wasn’t [of] any use” as “nobody came” except for them, a few servants and Owl Eyes (Fitzgerald 186).
  • Gatsby's Funeral
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