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Charles Darwin theory
Updated: 3/26/2020
Charles Darwin theory
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  • H.M.S Beagle
  • (A Naturalist is a person that studies nature history)
  • Hello, my name is Charles Darwin I am a naturalist. Today I am going to guide you through my Theory of Evolution...
  • Theory of Evolution is the process by which organisms change overtime as a result of changes in behavior of traits. Changes that allow an organism to better adapt to the environment will help it survive and have more offspring
  • However, the birds that are unable to adapt quick enough die out, due to their competition (other birds) getting all the resources and overpowering them.
  • On every island that I'vewent to I've learned that Finches, an important bird of my studies are different in every island because of natural selection,they adapt to their environment which have different types of nature.
  • They both are the same species but have different traits. Why you may ask because of natural selection you see natural selection helps animals develop to their environment like this green tortoise the reason it is green is because this island is all leafy and green so it can camouflage to the plants and be safe same with the gray tortoise it is gray because on the other island it is not so green and leafy instead it is dry and hot so it adapted to the dry hot biome to survive longer
  • Natural selection is were all life on Earth is connected and related to each other but have different traits because of the difference of the nature allows an organism to adopt to its environment so it can survive and have more offspring. For example look at this tortoise that is on this island and look at the one that is on the other island.
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