ATTWN Chs.1-9 Storyboard
Updated: 2/19/2021
ATTWN Chs.1-9 Storyboard

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  • In this scene everyone has just heard the gramophone.
  • In this chapter it explains all of the characters going to Soldier Island. Here Dr.Armstrong is driving in his car to Soldier Island thinking about what was in the letter.
  • Chs.4-5
  • Ch.1
  • A simple treatment
  • Can't land on Soldier Island when there's a south easterly. Sometimes 'tis cut off for a week or more.
  • In this scene, everyone has gotten off the boat and is now on the island. Some of them are saying or thinking about things that could potentially go wrong on an island. Little did they know they were right on point.
  • Ch.6
  • Must be difficult to land her in dirty water.
  • Ch.2
  • The catering must be very difficult. That's the worst of an island. All the domestic problems are so worrying.
  • Ch.7
  • In this scene, the gramophone has just announced everyone's murder.
  • Ch.8
  • It's nothing. She fainted, that's all. She'll be round in a minute.
  • Ch.3
  • Ch.9
  • Mrs.Rogers fainted from being so scared.
  • The legal life's narrowing! I'm all for crime! Here's to it.
  • Dead? D'you mean the fellow just choked and- and died?
  • Anthony Marston went to get a drink. When he drank it he started to choke to death.
  • My god! He's dead.
  • Yes, she's gone.
  • In this scene, it is morning. Last night Mrs.Rogers had fainted. Now Dr.Armstrong is with Mr.Rogers to check her and finds out that she is dead.
  • Is-she-is she?
  • In this scene, Miss Brent and Vera are out looking for the boat. While they are there Miss Brent tells Vera about her murder story.
  • She killed herself?
  • Beatrice Taylor was in service with me. Not a nice girl-as I found out too late.....
  • In this scene, General Macarthur is sitting looking out to sea. He has finally realised that he is going to die, but Vera doesn't understand.
  • None of us are going to leave the island.
  • You're quite right, Rogers. Look for yourself. There are only seven....
  • In this scene, General Macarthur has just died. Vera went into the dining room for the same reason as Mr.Rogers. There are now only seven dolls and seven people.
  • Oh, Miss, I-I just came to see....