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"It Had to Be Murder" storyboard by Katie Dougherty
Updated: 6/6/2019
"It Had to Be Murder" storyboard by Katie Dougherty
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Storyboard Text

  • The man's voice still speaks in the background, but the camera pans across the street at a medium angle to the house directly across from it. The diegetic sounds we hear coming from the lefthand window are of two people speaking. Nothing else. The narrator stops talking at the point. We hear a young couple getting ready. They seem to be in a hurry. The wife yells to the husband and he yells back. She ends the conversation reminding him to turn off the lights.
  • wife: "Come on Mark, we have to go!"
  • Wife: "Oh and make sure you turn off the lights this time!"
  • Mark: "Alright alright, I'm ready!"
  • The scene opens with a man in shadow. This angle is a long shot of the narrator from behind. The audience cannot tell his features, only make out his shape. He is sitting in a chair rather than standing. His back is facing the audience as he stares out the window and starts to talk. Only his voice is heard. The viewer can hear diegetic sounds such as sirens and street cars in the background. He describes the people he sees and states that he doesn't know how they look directly, but knows them by their actions.
  • The narrator's voice then reappears and the camera pans with a downward shot of the street to the house next door to the last house visited. This time, the camera zooms into the bedroom with the light on at a close-up shot at eye level. We see a mother put her daughter to bed and kiss her on the forehead and she whispers "I love you" very softly. The narrator describes her as a very sad woman who is most likely a widow. The only sounds in this scene is the diegetic sounds of the mother speaking, kissing her daughter, and of the narrator explaining the action.
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