A love story
Updated: 2/11/2021
A love story

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  • A True Love Story
  • The date was February 2nd, 2019.What seemed like just a regular day was anything but. It was a day that changed everything in the lives of one friendly little dove and one of the greatest bottles of maple syrup there ever was.
  • The Sad & Lonely Dove
  • The dove flew around every day, filling up her day with little tasks, but never feeling fulfilled. She visited all of her usual stops...The park fountain in Mont Royal,over the bridge to the South shore, and back to the Alexis Nihon mall to grab a bite to eat.Even though she kept busy and was proud of her flying skills, she continued to feel a hole in her heart that could not be filled.
  • The Lost Maple Syrup
  • On the opposite side of the river, there was a very special bottle of maple syrup feeling the exact same way. Day in and day out, he would follow the same routine. Doing push-ups in the fridge with his friend the milk jug, playing video games when the fridge was left open long enough to see the TV, and building a thing or two (you can do a lot with some egg cartons you know!). But still, he felt a sense of emptiness in his life.
  • The Universe Works in Strange Ways
  • Thanks to the power of the universe, these two were destined to meet one another. How, you might ask, could a dove meet a bottle of maple syrup? Well…. that’s a good question, and quite unbelievable really…
  • On February 2nd, the day started out like any other day.The dove went flying around to all of her usual places. However, this time, maybe because of all the craze about sugar shacks, she went off her usual path to search for something sweet. Her spatial navigation skills weren’t very good, but she was determined. She picked up a scent and followed it. For hours. She got so tired at one point, she almost quit – but she didn’t. Once she was in Laval, she knew she was close.
  • The Dove's Search for Love
  • Until she found it! She flew up to the window and started pecking at it with her beak. She pecked so hard until the window opened a crack. She slid her way in and chirped as loud as she could.The maple syrup was shocked. He heard the most beautiful sound he had ever heard. As if there was a force inside him, he jumped! He fell into the fridge door, opening it and falling onto the floor. The dove came towards him, taking one lick of syrup and knew it was her eternal love! And that was it. The rest was history!
  • Love at First Sight