The Poet X
Updated: 1/16/2020
The Poet X
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  • The Poet XBy Elizabeth Acevedo
  • Nico Doyle
  • Hello! You're probably here because Nico sent you, but today I am here to talk to you about the novel verse, The Poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo.
  • Now, the story starts off as any other average story. A normal teenage girl trying to liver her life in the Manhattan borough of New York City. Her name is Xiomara.
  • Now, from my knowledge I know Xiomara isn't exactly the most positive person but she makes up for it when she supports her twin brother, Xavier.
  • Xiomara goes through what every teenager goes through. Hormones and feelings. The way she's starting to feel starts to interfere with her religious mother's ways and how she wants Xiomara to be a nun and grow up owing her life to God.
  • Xiomara is Dominican but born and raised in Harlem. The story starts off with Xiomara getting ready for 9th grade.
  • As another form of therapy, Xiomara starts to write all of her thoughts and feelings into a journal, but in poem format. This helps her a lot throughout the story but it also causes her to get in trouble.
  • Xiomara soon finds herself developing feelings for a boy, named Aman in her class, and she starts to skip confirmation classes to hang out with him. But after getting harassed, she ends their friendship when he doesn't do anything to defend her and when her mom finds out she's been sneaking around with him.
  • After finally giving up and joining the poetry club, Xiomara goes to the first meeting when she realizes she has to start skipping confirmation classes once again in order pursue her happiness in writing.
  • After this incident, Xiomara starts write more and more as she finds herself being more self-reliant.
  • On her birthday, Xiomara has a poetry club meeting. She's having a great time but realizes she should be getting home at this point.
  • So, Xiomara rushes to her home and as soon as she walks in, she sees that her mother has read all of her poems and she starts praying for her. But. her mother soon gets a lit match and starts burning the whole book.
  • .That's when things start to go wrong. Her mom finds out and Xiomara realizes she's left her poem journal at home.
  • After her mother burns the book, Xiomara rus out and goes to Aman's place for comfort. She goes to school the next day and her English teacher talks to her about going back home.
  • And Xiomara starts to develop a more healthy relationship with all of her family. Her mom understands Xiomara's not as religious. Xiomara starts to write more and embeds her journey as a writer.
  • XIomara finally decided to go home and she has a talk with her mom. They finally start to understand that she has feelings too. .
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