story 2

Updated: 5/15/2020
story 2

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  • I hate you Hector Werland!! Do you hear?I hate you!!!
  • The police is trying to make a brainwash on the kids. They use the propaganda.
  • Since our youngest age, we began to work in the plantations. It's unacceptable that my sister gets sick every weeks.
  • But everyone is afraid of disobeying as people feel miserable in face of the "Leader" and you must "agree with him", if not you are a "rebel ".
  • I'm not pessimistic about their chances to kill the dictator.
  • But I want to join the veritable rebels because I'm not afraid of revolting against the rules!
  • AH!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • AH!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • AH!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Do you know it can be dangerous? You have to be careful.
  • AH!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Do you really want to join our rebellion?
  • You must obey us if you want to survive.
  • Who are you? Since when are you here?
  • Is she crazy?
  • I'm John and I'm a fake soldier. I was listening to you for 20 minutes.
  • Follow me and I will explain you everything.
  • How can I trust you?! You look like a real soldier!
  • Well, I will follow you!
  • If I were a real soldier, I would already have taken you to the headquarter.