Updated: 4/17/2020

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  • The Aztecs, while the shortest lived, are one of the most influential mesoamerican civilizations. Their practices of human sacrifice are very well known today, and their agricultural techniques were very effective as well. They have even created one of the largest mesoamerican cities at the time, Tenochtitlan. I have traveled back in time, to show you how influential and amazing they truly were.
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  • The Aztecs are known for creating Tenochtitlan, one of the largest cities at the time. It is commonly referred to as the impossible city, due to its survival without a practical use of the wheel, and how they created such a large city in under 200 years. They had access to the wheel, but it was primarily used in toys, serving no practical use.
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  • The Aztecs had a farming technique, in which they utilized small, man-made floating islands to place in the water. The water made the soil incredibly fertile, and improved the output of food throughout the empire. While this took up lots of space throughout the empire, the fertile soil made up for it.
  • And that was the story of the Aztecs. Lastly, the Incas are next.
  • Hernando Cortes, the man who conquered the Aztecs, was quite impressed by the Aztecs, and their city. The medicinal herbs, the cacao pots, the large size of the city and its streets, and the incredible design were some things he was impressed by.
  • Unfortunately, when Cortes invaded the Aztecs, he brought disease with him. The Aztec people had not been exposed to these diseases, such as smallpox, and therefore they had no way of a cure or to slow infection, thereby leading to their demise.
  • And that was the story of the Aztecs, a legendary civilization. They had beautiful cities, and even more, creating one of the most influential empires.
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