Chapter 4-6
Updated: 3/8/2021
Chapter 4-6

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  • The dentist, a Jew from Czechoslovakia, had a face, not unlike a death mask. When he opened his mouth, one had a terrible vision of yellow, rotten teeth. Seated in the chair, I asked shyly and weakly: 51 "What are you going to do, sir?" "I will remove your gold crown, that's all," he said, clearly (not caring one way or the other). I thought of pretending to be sick: "Couldn't you wait a few days, sir? I don't feel well, I have a fever... "He wrinkled his brow, thought for a moment, and took my pulse. "All right, son. Come back to see me when you feel better. But don't wait for me to call you!"
  • "I was the accuser, God the accused… I stood amid the praying congregation, observing it like a stranger."
  • The night was pitch-black. From time to time, a shot exploded in the darkness. They had orders to shoot anyone who could not sustain the pace. Their fingers on the triggers, they did not deprive themselves of the pleasure. If one of us stopped for a second, a quick shot eliminated the filthy dog.