The Story of Ramayana- P6

Updated: 5/16/2021
The Story of Ramayana- P6

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  • Rama! We are free!
  • But I have only been loyal to you... I have only ever been loyal to you.... Please, Rama, believe me!
  • I cannot take you back Sita. You have lived in another man's house and I cannot trust you. I am sorry.
  • This ought to show Rama something about loyalty...
  • With Ravana's death, Sita was set free. She was so relieved to return to her husband, she missed the solemn expression on his face.
  • Are you Agni? The fire god?
  • When she discovered, he would not take her home, Sita felt destroyed inside. She had only thought of Rama during her captivity, but had no way of proving her loyalty.
  • Your wife is pure. She has only ever been touched by your soul. She's never defied you, Rama.
  • Nonetheless, Sita was desperate for her love. She decided to summon Agni, the fire god, who could prove her purity to Rama. She built a funeral pyre, set it aflame, encircled it thrice, and then stepped inside. 
  • And they lived happily, ever after... 
  • No harm came to Sita inside the fire. She encountered Agni, who immediately recognized her purity and protected it.
  • Agni informed Rama of Sita's actions and confessed that she was indeed virtuous. Rama was deeply moved and proud (as he had never truly doubted her). He happily re-instilled her as Queen of Adodya.
  • The couple lived in peace with their family and friends for many years, ruling the Kingdom of Adoyda and bringing happiness and order to their people.