"Tuesday Of The Other June"
Updated: 11/16/2017
"Tuesday Of The Other June"
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Storyboard Text

  • April is combing June's hair
  • Criminals are in June's house and she can't go to sleep
  • June M. bullying June T.
  • At this part April is combing Junes hair and telling her to be good. In the text it states"Be good, be good, be good, be good, my Junie, my mother sang as she combed my hair-a song, a story, a croon, a plea."
  • June M. told the teacher to let June T. sit next to her
  • When it was night April was asleep and June was awake and she heard robbers and she closed her mouth so she wont scream. In the text it states"The robbers and thieves filled the warm darkness and slipped across the floor more quietly than cats."
  • June T. stepping up to her bully which is June M.
  • As soon as June.M came out of the swimming room to change her cloths June.T said that she got her swimming suit from the trash can. In the text it states."Her mother found it in the trash can."
  • This is June T.'s last Tuesday of the Other June
  • When the kids just got in class there was no seats but there was one next to June.T and she said to the teacher can June.M sit next to me. In the text it states "She can sit next to me Mr. Morrisey." 
  • June T. was tired of June M. bullying her so she pushed her back and said no, no more and made her feel embarrassed. In the text it states "I leaned toward the Other June, put my fingers against her chest."
  • Everyone was laughing at June M. and it was the last time June M. ever bullied June T. In the text it states "And sitting at my desk, twirling my braids, I knew this was the last Tuesday of the Other June."
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