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Cold war
Updated: 2/21/2019
Cold war
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  • 1. We need to figure out what we are dealing with here
  • 1. As time comes to a crunch we must find a way to counter the problems.
  • 2. This Cold War is bringingthe country to a political tension with the communist ideas of the Soviet Union.
  • 2. I think that we should focus on aiding Western Europe with the marshall plan.
  • 1. Right now we should focus on the power that the Soviet's dictator Stalin has
  • 3. We should back up the Marshall plan by also aiding the Berlin airlift to give supplies to those in need
  • 2. I agree, communism is taking over the daily ideas of our citizens and the lives of others. People in other countries are being paid due to there abilities
  • 1. As a country we need to unite to overcome the forces of the communist Soviet union and the Red Scare that is being promoted throughout the nation due to the rise of communism itself.
  • 4. Our you guys even who you say you are.
  • 2. I agree, we need to watch for Mao Zedong on the rise for communism in China.
  • 3. More importantly, we need to watch for McCarthyism in our own government.
  • 5.  Ah, yes, McCarthyism. The idea that our own fellow employees our actually communist spies.
  • 2. What about the iron curtain that is acting as a barrier because the communist power was declining
  • 1. We need to stop the communist way before time is out.
  • 3. We will need more than just us. We need a organization of countries to solve this.
  • This meeting, of the strong nations of the world will forever hold the power to solve these international disputes. Nato will forever hold our countries in a safe position.
  • The North Atlantic Treaty Organization
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