Updated: 3/29/2021

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  • BEER
  • BEER
  • Rashad Butler is going into Jerry's convenience store after a long friday at school to grab some gum and some chips, just like he's done every single friday before.
  • BEER
  • HEY!!!
  • Oh my god, I'm so sorry
  • Hey,what are you doing!
  • Rashad noticed how this lady probably left her job early as she had a long week of work and just wanted to go home and have a beer to relax herself.
  • He was trying to steal the chips!
  • I wasn't trying to steal the chips!
  • SHUT UP!
  • Rashad reached into his bag to find his phone to call Spoony, the women stepped backwards onto Rashad and stumbled and ended up falling and smashing her beer bottle all over the floor.
  • Now will you shut up you THUG!
  • Please don't kill me
  • The worker at Jerry's convenience store immediately assumes that Rashad was trying to steal the chips because he is black, and before the women can explain what happen the nearby police man cuts her off.
  • Before Rashad could explain what happen the police man Paul Galluzzo grabbed Rashad by a submission hold, shoved him through the door and slammed him to the ground face first.
  • While Rashad is handcuffed Paul Galluzzo continues to abuse and injure Rashad because he keeps moving because his body is in so much pain, all Rashad can think is that he doesn't want to die while still being young.