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Updated: 3/31/2020
Unknown Story
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  • OK!
  • Huh. Why not?
  • Speed Limits are used to make people safer, but they aren't always needed.
  • Hey Jim! Let's talk about speed limits!
  • Then what are they caused by?
  • How can you speed without putting anybody in danger?
  • Oh, so are you trying to say nobody should obey the law?
  • Well, most accidents aren't caused by speeding!
  • Usually alcohol, distractions, and reckless driving!
  • No, not at all! But you shouldn't get a ticket if you don't put anybody in danger!
  • I thought "flow-of-traffic laws existed already?
  • That makes sense. What other example were you going to show me?
  • 60
  • They do in some places, but not everywhere. These are crucial to have to ensure efficiency!
  • Great question. Let's look at my first example!
  • If these cars are moving at the same speed, the cop over there should be able to pull one of them over.
  • Huh, this stuff is kind of making sense
  • But what if an animal runs out, or the sign falls?
  • Speed Limit 60 MPH
  • 99% of the time, those things won't happen. This small of a chance shouldn't require action!
  • It is unreasonable for that hidden cop to pull that car over, even if he is going 80 MPH!
  • Here! A car driving alone at night, with not even a soul in sight.
  • .
  • - Disregarding authority- Blatantly disobeying the law- Speeding while drunk-Speeding while distracted- Recklessly speeding (wrong side of road, swerving, etc.)
  • Remember, I am not supporting any of the things above us!!!
  • Actually, yes! You've persuaded me! Thank you, boss!
  • Well, that's it! Do you understand me now?
  • Glad I could enlighten you! Drive safely, but efficiently, Jim!
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