roll of thunder hear my cry personal strenghth
Updated: 6/2/2020
roll of thunder hear my cry personal strenghth

Storyboard Text

  • Literal Strenghth
  • Wiseness
  • Say sorry
  • Bravery
  • L. T., and Stacey are ambushed. While Papa is repairing a sabotaged wagon wheel, a truck pulls up and fires a gun, a bullet grazes papa's head. Then the horse rears up in fright and pulls the wagon wheel over Papa's leg, because Stacey cannot hold the horse back. L. T. makes short work of the men, who turn out to be the Wallaces, breaking Dewberry Wallace's back.
  • Cassie walks out onto the street and stumbles into Lillian Jean, Jeremy's sister. She and her father push Cassie out in the street, trying to force her to apologize. Cassie is furious when Big Ma makes her apologize. Big Ma does this because she doesn't want to cause any trouble with the Simms family.
  • Cassie wakes to overhear the adults talking about the boycott of the Wallace store and of the need for someone to give the black community credit so they can shop in Vicksburg. They think of using the farm as collateral, but they don't want to lose their land..