Summer reading storyboard
Updated: 8/17/2020
Summer reading storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • Nancy Lee lives her school life in the mainly white occupied school of George Washington High. Though was a black American in the early 1900's her peers saw a smart a pretty girl who happened to be a person of color.
  • I shall be worthy of the pledge, and of the help of friendship...
  • An art club scholarship prize is given out to a student whose submitted artwork is above all the others. The piece selected this year was a simple water color, of a elderly African American women sitting down in the park. Narcy's painting. The thrilling news was told to Nancy by the vice principal.
  • Nancy pranced home knowing nothing but the excitement in her heart. She wanted to be alone to process this amazing information and also kept her excitement in check, 'cause Miss O'Shay said that what she told her should be kept secret.
  • The next day when the Vice principal began asking question that were needed to get the scholarship, Nancy began dreaming of the opportunities for her and her family could come of this. New clothes for her mother using the money not needed anymore for art school, more scholarships achieved because of this opportunity, the possibilities, endless.
  • With the speech only hours away Nancy walked through it in her head, everyone would be proud of her, teacher, students and most of all her parents, She could already hear them cheering her on. The speech of her pride for her race and for the her country.
  • With shame and remorse Miss O'Shay broke the news to Nancy. The Art Scholarship had been revoked from her. The club had just found out that Nancy was African American and wouldn't allow her to go to there school. Miss O'Shay had her own experience with adversity and felt ashamed that this was the world that we lived in.