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the scarlet ibis
Updated: 9/24/2019
the scarlet ibis
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Storyboard Text

  • exposition
  • sadness
  • conflict
  • pride
  • rising action
  • arrogance, ignorance
  • We are introduced to the family, William Armstrong, his brother, Aunt Nicey, and his parents. William is born with difficulties and ´Everybody thought he was going to die´except Aunt Nicey. Williams brother is upset because he wanted to be able to play with him but is not able to.
  • climax
  • annoyance, anger
  • Don't leave me brother!!
  • William's brother decides to change his name to Doodle. ´Renaming my brother was probably the kindest thing I ever did for him.´ Out of Doodle's brothers pride, he is determined to teach him how to walk.
  • falling action
  • compassion, realization
  • As Doodle and his brother suspect a hurricane about to happen, they hear a scarlet ibis outside the window. Doodle goes to it and it dies on the spot, he wants to bury it but Aunt Nicey says ´Dead birds is bad luck, Specially red dead birds!"
  • resolution
  • love, guilt
  • ´The knowledge that Doodle's and my plans had come to naught was bitter´and when Doodles brother goes to teach him a couple days before school, he gets mad that Doodle catches up to him and runs off.
  • Once Doodleś brothers ´flood of childish spite evanesced´ he realizes Doodle is gone, he waits for him but he never shows up. He goes back to look and find Doodle.
  • Doodle is found next to a bush dead in the hurricane almost like the scarlet ibis outside their house. And Doodleś brother threw his ´body to the earth above his.´
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