The 2015 nuclear negotiations
Updated: 5/19/2020
The 2015 nuclear negotiations

Storyboard Text

  • “Hello My name is Amaya. I am going to tell you how the nuclear deal affected my family and country.”
  • l was only 4 years old along with my twin brother Omid and Hmaid who was 7 at the time when there was talk about a deal happening between many different countries ours included
  • Father worked in one of the many nuclear plants we had in our country. They were used to power different weapons in our country's arsenal.
  • That night I eavesdropped on our father talking to our mother about the problems going on in the newspaper that evening. And it didn't sound like good news either.
  • Things aren't what they were until we had this nuclear substance.
  • Father has a friend who works in our government and told him that there would be a deal to cut down on how much nuclear facilities there are operating.
  • After the deal was signed there different changes such as the percentage of nuclear substances was cut down to 3% as well as workers from the United States making sure Iran never went back on the deal