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Road to Revolution Dua
Updated: 11/14/2020
Road to Revolution Dua
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  • We just won this land! We should have the right to live! Look at the treaty!
  • Treaty of 1763 has Britain claims to land around Ohio River Valley.
  • Use the Mountains as a border line.
  • We have to stop expanding! We will go to far in debt and cause more war.
  • You can't do that! No taxation without representation!
  • The colonies still owe Britain. You should pay us taxes on paper.
  • I had no say in this! I can't take you.
  • You have to provide for our living your required to!
  • The proclamation of 1763 was when a treaty that allowed Colonists to live in the area around the Ohio River Valley was stopped by King George the third and changed to Appalachian Mountains being a border line for protection of people and reduction of debt.
  • Ha they think there are only source of goods.
  • We still didn't get say in this. We will stop all imports!
  • At least pay taxes on some products. Its not to much and we still have debt.
  • The Stamp Act was when the British government started charging colonists tax on paper. Every time a piece of paper needed to be bought a stamp would also need to be purchased, and that money would go to taxes. The colonists started protesting which made he British quickly repeal the act since they weren't making much anyways.
  • Justice!
  • We are acting in self defense!
  • The Quartering Act was when soldiers were sent to stop protests and protect colonies. It was getting expensive and hard to keep soldiers there so British required colonists to provide for them as a tax. Colonists felt was it was a violation of their privacy.
  • Dump the tea!
  • We will not be fooled by your ways of stealing money!
  • The Townshend Acts was restrictions imposed by British on the colonists where they taxed certain imported goods e.g tea. The colonists circumvented and found a way around these by smuggling or creating their won version of the goods. The act was repealed due to protests, smuggling, and the boycott of goods.
  • Boston Massacre was an event in which the a mob of colonists who were angry and armed were shot at by british soldiers. John Adams defended the soldiers saying that they were acting in self defence, however this event was later made vey pivotal by Samuel adams and Paul revere in images and depicted as if the colonists were innocent and unarmed.
  • The Boston Tea Party was an act of rebellion and protest. Through the tea act and the monopoly over all tea sales, the British government was gaining profits from tea produced in the colonies .To protest the colonists dumped 90 pounds of tea into the Boston harbour.
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