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Pollution around Europe
Updated: 10/1/2019
Pollution around Europe
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  • Hello My name is Frank .H and I study and stop pollution in it's track!
  • Let's take a look at the next three.
  • Smog is made up of fog, and smoke put together to form smog.It is composed of few chemicals but they are able to irritate your eyes and lungs.
  • Here I am in London's great smog.It was mainly polluted in the 20th century until clean up was beginning stop the nasty air.
  • Look! Now i'm in Germany!Germany is like a mass producer of Europe.It makes a huge variety of products and materials
  • Due to this, the environment faces the smoke and chemicals from factories, power plants, and other productions making waste
  • The radiation levels were so high right after the explosion, you would be left with chemical burns almost able to tear your skin off. Don't even think of coming here without any safety coat or jacket of some sort
  • I have just traveled to the town of Chernobyl in Ukraine. Here as you can see, this house has been weathered and ravaged by the explosion but mainly by chemical breakdown
  • I believe we should conserve these natural beauties and try to clean up and prevent these disasters. Try to stop overuse of anything from cars to campfires and don't waste food these both just could star a disaster
  • I hope these three places told you something about protecting forests around the globe. Humans are the number one cause of pollution almost everywhere
  • Well anyways that concludes it for today. I'm just going to go to my room and sleep because today has been a busy day. I hope you liked my presentation and if you did be sure to come again.
  • Workers are required to follow a lots of safety rules and have to wear lots of equipment with training before the perform anything
  • Sorry kids, but to end a story short I have to let you go now.Before you get scared of any power plants or whatever, there actually safer than you think.
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