Drama Board 1

Updated: 5/29/2020
Drama Board 1

Storyboard Description

WIP storyboard for GCSE Drama work

Storyboard Text

  • Have a nice day at school, Honey ❤
  • Knowing School, My day will be nowhere near nice
  • I Will.
  • What could possibly change the current out come of this day?
  • Did u seriously forget? 🤦‍♂️
  • Did u remember everything for today's exams?
  • Mother
  • JK. I've revised. :)
  • Wait! What exams?!
  • Hey, I'm new here. Could you show me around?
  • Thanks, my name's Logan
  • Sure, I'm James.What's your name?
  • At Lunch
  • I see you found the canteen easily enough and no, you can sit here
  • Anyone sitting here?
  • After School
  • You getting this bus too?
  • Yep, it's the fastest way for me.