Vocab 8: Children's Book
Updated: 1/30/2020
Vocab 8: Children's Book
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  • Cause celebre means anything well-publicized that arouses great public interest.
  • This cause celebre is to celebrate this new diner that everyone is interested in!
  • A coup d'etat is a sudden overthrow of a government.
  • We need to commit a coup d'etat and overthrow this terrible government.
  • An elan is a readiness for action.
  • The elan that I am feeling makes me self-assured that I am going to win this race!
  • A kamikaze is an attack by a Japanese airplane pilot.
  • The kamikaze we are learning about in class is an attack by a Japanese airplane pilot.
  • Kibitz means to offer unwanted advice.
  • Jenny kibitzed me; she gave me advice that I didn't want on what I should do with my hair.
  • Nada means nothing or not at all.
  • Mom left me nada; she left me no food at all.
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