Updated: 5/18/2020

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  • Maddy clicks on the mouse. The start of Scott’s video can beheard. Maddy is shocked it is about her.
  • INT. MADDY’S ROOMMaddy is sitting in her room on her computer. She is onSkype with JESSICA (17)
  • MADDY: Today was just the worst!
  • JESSICAI: know right!
  • 10
  • Scott walks down the hallway at school to a chorus oflaughter. He has no idea what they are laughing at so keepswalking. Jimmy approaches Scott.
  • SCOTTWhat are they laughing at?
  • JIMMY: Your video went viral. The wholeschool has seen it.
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  • Scott looks up amazed that even his teacher has seen thevideo.
  • HAYDEN: Number 1 on the charts!
  • MR BROOKS: Great performance, Scott!
  • SAMANTHA: That was like, so pathetic, ugh!
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  • Scott finds a spot to sit on his own. He buries his head inhis hands.Maddy is with Samantha and Jessica. Samantha points outScott and the girls approach.
  • You actually thought that someonelike you could get someone asflawless as me!? In your wildestdreams. I only go out with cool.people, not pathetic little nerdslike you!
  • The three girls walk off as everyone is laughing. Scottwalks off in the opposite direction pushing through thecrowd as they throw objects at him.The school bell goes as everyone starts heading back toclass. Jimmy walks up to Scott.
  • Cheer up, they’ll soon forget aboutit. Let’s head to class.
  • Um, I’ll be there in a sec.
  • Scott looks at Penny and smiles as the two walk of togethertowards class.
  • PENNYHi Scott, don’t worry about theothers, they’re just idiots.
  • Do you want to go get some coffeeafter class?
  • Do you know why they’re laughing atme?