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Classroom technology
Updated: 8/4/2020
Classroom technology
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Technology In The Classroom

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  • I am the Sage on the Stage! I will fill my empty vesselled students with my sagely wisdom!
  • Stuck in the past, this teacher sees himself as the 'Sage on the Stage'
  • The harsh reality however, is that he is way out of touch with his students, and may as well be talking to himself (which he kinda is!)
  • Excuse me sir, we think this might work, but we could use some help with a few things.
  • Wait, what! Where are my students? This dated classroom and teaching style must change. I must bring my classroom and pedagogy to the 21st Century.
  • Hmm... So what engages my students outside of the classroom?
  • Meanwhile, outside of the classroom, today's teens are utilising today's technology, and are often found to be actively problem solving the latest games and gadgets. They call this having fun!
  • Wow, the amount of effort we put into having fun. If only school work was more like this! We'd all be geniuses
  • The classroom is updated to reflect the socio-cultural tools and technologies of the 21st century. He also tries out a constructivist, student-centred teaching approach.
  • I've changed things up a bit. I'm also gonna try a new way of teaching that is all about you, my awesome students!
  • Oh wow, finally what we think matters. It was almost as if you didn't think we had minds of our own!
  • Hmm... This active learning thing seems to be having a deeper impact on mind.
  • Thus enlightened, our sage no longer seeks center stage. Rather, he now embraces his place as 'Guide on the Side'
  • The teacher further enhances teaching by utilising collaboration technology. Not only can students network amongst themselves within the classroom, they can network anywhere, anytime, with anyone, across the entire planet!
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