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Updated: 11/6/2018
PArt 1
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  • The Great Thesus
  • Oh Great Ruler of us help us! Have Mercy on us. We were once women of royalty. Our husbands have died, and King Creon out of rage has refused to release their corpses. 
  • I... the Great Thesus shall restore onto you, the bones of your late husbands!
  • Thesus Meets Arcite and Palamon
  • ZZZZZZ!!!
  • Now that you have awoken me, I can accept these prisoners. Congratulations, young Knights you shall now be imprisoned forever!
  • Oh Great Duke Thesus....We have brought you The Princes of Royal Blood!
  • Arcite you are a very lucky person. I will let you go only because Perotheus is a very good friend of mine and he has asked you be released. You may leave on one condition, you can never set foot in Athens again. If even a servant sees you, it is instant death!
  • Arcite and Palamon See Emily
  • Alright...See you never Palamon!
  • Wow! Arcite look at that fair maiden... Never in my life have I ever seen such a fair maiden!. I am so in love with her. Is she a woman or goddess?
  • She really is a sight for sore eyes. I too have fallen in love with her. She is mine! Even though you saw her first, I loved her as a woman
  • This particular is very important, because it sets the whole scene for the Knights Tale. The crying women give him a particular reason to go ahead and conquer Athens, which leads him to finding Arcite and Palamon.
  • This scene is vital to the Knights Tale because, this is where Thesus first meets Arcite and Palamon and imprisons them in the tower forever. After returning the bones of their deceased husbands to the crying women, Thesus decided to camp in the field, he is awoken by pillagers who present to him Arcite and Palamon.
  • This scene is where the hatred amongst Arcite and Palamon began to stew. Palamon spots Emily first, he is in so much of her beauty he begins to cry. Arcite hears him wailing and ask what is going on, then he too spots Emily. Just like Palamon, he instantly falls in love with her too. The two start arguing about who was in love first, soon they realized they could not even do anything as they were both locked up in the tower. Then comes Thesus saying he has released Arcite on account of Perotheus. He is allowed to leave on the account that he never sets foot in Athens.
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