mean girls story board
Updated: 1/13/2021
mean girls story board

Storyboard Text

  • Girl walking up to Regina compliments the girl skirt . wide shot
  • oh my gosh , i love your skirt
  • Regina then asks where the girl got it from .over the shoulder shot
  • Where did you get it ?
  • Girl stands facing Regina and tells her it was her mom's in skirt from the 80'swide shot
  • It was my mom's in the 80's
  • Regina then lies to the girl and pretend that she thinks its ' Adorable ' over the shoulder
  • Vintage ! so adorable
  • Girl says 'Thanks' to Regina then walks away wide shot
  • Thanks !!!!
  • Regina then says to Cady ' that is the ugliest skirt I've ever seen ' so cady realized that Regina had lied to that girl over the shoulder .
  • That is the ugliest skirt I've ever seen
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