the hachiko movie
Updated: 1/18/2021
the hachiko movie

Storyboard Text

  • Kentaro is a six year old boy who moved to a small house in Tokyo near the Shibuya train station . Every day papa took the train to work . One day , he asked mama if he could go meet him on his way back from work .
  • 'Mama , can we see papa at the train station?'
  • 'Of course , Kentaro . Let's go!'
  • At the train station , Kentaro meets one of papa's friends , Dr. Ueno . Dr.Ueno has a dog named Hachiko. Kenttaro is afraid of Hachiko at first , but soon they become great friens.
  • Kentaro goes to the train station every day to see Hachiko . and to wait with him for papa and Dr. Ueno ,
  • One day , Kentaro comes downstairs from his room , ready to go see Hachiko . But something is very wrong. His parents are sitting sadly at the table. They tell him that Dr,Ueno has died , and Hachiko will not be at the station any longer.
  • ' Dr.Ueno has died. Hachiko will not be at the station any longer .
  • Kentaro follows his dad back to the station , but Hachiko is there ! Hachiko runs to the station every day still to wait for Dr,Ueno , even though he will never come back .
  • After years of waiting at the station from dusk to dawn , sadly , Hachiko dies. Everyone in the station is sad, for Hachiko had become the dog of the station , who everyone loved . Kentaro , his parents , and lots of people at the station raised money to build a statue of Hachiko . It is still a popular meeting place to this day.